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Today’s eyesight requirements have never been greater. We need good vision for not only everyday tasks, but an increasing number of us need vision that makes our work and home life and our sports and hobbies easier and safer.

At Stephen Beswetherick Opticians we offer you a range of top optical quality lenses ensuring that we meet your individual requirements:

Single vision

Corrects for only one distance. If the spectacles are worn for distance vision but you are unable to read in them then you may be presbyopic which is a part of the natural ageing process and prevents you from seeing things near to you. If so, you would require either a separate pair of single vision reading spectacles or we would recommend changing to a bifocal or varifocal lens which would include both distance and reading areas. Read more


The lens consists of two separate areas. The upper area is generally used for distance vision and the lower segment for near vision. The reading segment is available in different shapes and sizes depending on your individual requirements. The bifocal is the preferred lens for people who need a correction for distance and near vision but want the convenience of not having to swap between two pairs, however the dividing line can be a problem for some patients and cause ‘image jump’.


This lens allows you to see at every distance. The upper part of the lens is for distance vision and the lower for near vision. The lens gradually increases in magnification from top to bottom. This allows you to see distant, near and middle distant objects clearly. As there is a smooth transition from distance to near sight, there is no dividing line and vision is clear at every distance. Read more


Similar to the bifocal lens but includes an extra segment between the top and the bottom of the lens, it has two dividing lines. This allows you to see at three different distances; usually far distance, near and middle distance.

Driving Lenses

This lens type gives you optimal clarity of vision for driving during the day and up to 90% less reflection at night, leading to a decrease in glare.

Lifestyle lenses

Certain lenses designed for office work allow good vision for the computer and reading, greatly relieving eye strain.  Other lenses are designed for sports ie cycling, sailing, tennis and golf.  These generally include certain tints or coatings to enhance your vision, thus improving your visual performance.


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