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At Stephen Beswetherick Opticians, we stock a range of accessories to enhance your eye care.


Eye Health

icapsDry Eye Syndrome is the most frequently diagnosed ophthalmic condition suffered by millions of people around the world. We stock lubricating drops and the MGDRx Eye Bag for relief of this condition.

We also stock eye vitamin and mineral food supplements to help maintain healthy eyes.




For those of you who require additional reading glasses for your car, handbag or for around the house, we sell off-the-shelf ready readers in a variety of prescriptions for your convenience. To help ladies with putting on their eye make-up we offer a specially designed pair of glasses with individual drop down lenses. For swimmers and skiers we offer prescription goggles.


Spectacle Care

We offer an assortment of cleaning sprays, cloths, micro fibre cloths, disposable wipes, in addition to various cords and chains; as well as providing a large selection of cases in both hard and soft designs to keep your glasses safe and clean.




magnafiing-glassFor  those  needing  extra  help  with  close  work  such  as  reading  or  needlework  we  sell  a  variety  of  magnifiers  to  suit  your  needs,  ranging  in  price  and  size.   Some  models  have  an  inbuilt  light  source  to  concentrate  the  light  on  the  required  area.  Read more  on magnifiers.




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