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There is increasingly more choice and flexibility ensuring contact lenses suit your lifestyle, including Single Vision and Multifocal lenses. We will discuss with you the types of lenses and the different materials best suited to your needs.

We will then arrange a free trial and handling consultation for you until you are happy that you have chosen the right lenses and that you are confident in handling them.

Daily disposable contact lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are very convenient and the healthiest way to wear contact lenses. Simply put in your lenses when you wake up and discard them at the end of the day.

With daily disposable lenses there’s no need to clean or store your contact lenses. Just change them for a new pair each day.

Reusable contact lenses (gas permeable, hard, soft)

Monthly lenses can be worn daily for a whole month before you replace them.  Just clean and store them overnight in disinfecting solution in your lens case at the end of each day. Some other reusable lenses, such as gas permeable, are worn and cleaned daily and replaced on a yearly basis.

Extended wear contact lenses

Most extended wear lenses today are made of silicone hydrogel material that allows significantly more oxygen to reach the front surface of the eye. Generally, the maximum that these lenses can be worn is 6 nights continually, removing on the 7th night once a week. Clean and store overnight.  Reinsert the next morning.  After 4 weeks, you discard the lens.


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