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Special Offers

Special offer on 2nd pair of spectacles   


We are offering patients the opportunity to purchase a second pair of same prescription glasses or sunglasses at up to 50% off; ideal if you need sunglasses, computer or hobby glasses or the convenience of a spare pair in the car or by the television.

Children are entitled to a pair of free spectacles under the NHS.  We offer the opportunity to purchase a spare pair for only £27 in case of damage or to keep at school.


Spectacles to suit all budgets

At Stephen Beswetherick Opticians we are aware that our patients have different levels of expenditure for spectacles and for that reason we offer a large choice of frames at varying prices.

Our Budget and Value Plus Ranges offer very good value for money:

Budget range

ladies delancy

For patients entitled to a full NHS Voucher, we stock a range of ladies and gents frames at NO CHARGE.

Value Plus Range

We offer a choice of ladies and gents plastic and metal frames in a selection of colours, which include:

  • Single Vision plastic lenses for £90 complete (or £30 with full NHS Voucher entitlement)
  • Bifocal* plastic lenses for £120 complete (or £40 with full NHS Voucher entitlement)
  • Varifocal* plastic lenses for £160 complete (or £50 with full NHS Voucher entitlement)

*Included at this cost:gents solo

  • Bifocals R24/R38/D28
  • Navigator Varifocal
  • Prescription range +/-6.00 cyl +/-2.00 max

Recommendation Scheme

We believe that the best form of advertising is by personal recommendation. If you have been pleased with the service we have given you and would like to recommend us to friends or family who aren’t already patients of ours, you will be eligible for 10% off a future eyewear purchase when the person you recommend has attended for their first eye examination. They will need to say who recommended them when booking their initial appointment.


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